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For nearly forty (40) years, clients have come to Silver & Arsht for advice and legal services related to starting their businesses, operating their businesses through good times and down times and ultimately upon retiring, selling and/or succession planning. We are proud to have guided our clients from the beginning of their careers to successful exit strategies or succession to the next generation of family and/or employees. Along the way, we have been trusted advisors in assisting our client in most substantive areas of the law that will invariably be encountered in most businesses.


Silver & Arsht represents clients involved in many types of business litigation, including partnership disputes, complex commercial disputes, corporate compliance, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder, derivative and other insurance claims.

Our experienced attorneys represent clients across a multitude of industries, including corporate, manufacturing, internet marketing, human resource outsourcing, consumer products and financial related industries. Our litigation team routinely handles both defense and prosecution of disputes to provide practical and prompt resolution. We understand the extensive resources expended during litigation, which negatively affects our clients’ productivity. Therefore, our attorneys aggressively pursue a resolution to the litigation as quickly and favorably as possible and in the best interests of our clients, whether through strategic settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or trial.

Silver & Arsht’s attorneys litigate matters in state court, federal court and local administrative agencies. We work closely with clients and in-house counsel to develop effective legal strategies to provide the client with the best results possible.