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Based on his nearly 40 years of experience in divorce litigation, Mr. Silver understands that divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences an individual can go through. Not only is the divorce process extremely taxing emotionally for all those involved, but it can be financially devastating. Through mediation, Mr. Silver attempts to minimize both the emotional and financial stress inherent to adversarial divorce proceedings.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial, process involving a trained, impartial third party. Through his vast knowledge and experience, Mr. Silver helps the parties understand their options and the likely financial outcomes for the parties if the divorce was to be litigated. Mr. Silver is a regularly consulted by other attorneys for his understanding of community property and separate property financial issues such as the proper division of property, spousal support and reimbursements. Mr. Silver strives to help the parties reach a settlement which is acceptable to both sides without the need for additional protracted litigation. Mr. Silver has served as Judge Pro Tem from many years and is regularly appointed by the Superior Court judges as a discovery referee.

Family Law Litigation:

Although we all wish that divorces could be amicable without the need for litigation, the attorneys at Silver & Arsht understand that such a wish is rarely the reality. Silver & Arsht has been representing divorce clients in Ventura County for nearly 40 years. Our reputation and relationships with judges and colleagues sets Silver & Arsht apart from other divorce attorneys and allows us to get great results for our clients.

Silver & Arsht’s vast experience in mediation also gives our attorneys unique insight into how to resolve divorce proceedings in an efficient and effective way. However, when settlement is not possible, our attorneys are able to litigate the matter to its conclusion so that our clients receive what they are entitled to. From spousal support, division of property, division of debts, separate property determinations and reimbursements, Silver & Arsht has the knowledge and experience to protect our clients’ interests.