Silver & Arsht
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Silver & Arsht handles all disputed matters and litigation in the probate courts, including will and trust contests, breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, inheritance disputes, undue influence, removal of trustee, elder abuse actions, and the petitioning for conservatorships.

Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to efficiently and effectively represent our clients to meet the clients’ goals.

Our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of probate and trust issues, which often go beyond a simple dispute over money. Instead, these actions typically involve emotional issues that can cause family divisions for many generations. We not only work vigorously to protect and advance your interests through our extensive experience in probate and trust disputes, but we also work to find creative solutions to avoid the need for protracted litigation, to minimize costs, and to preserve family relationships.

Silver & Arsht also is experienced in representing trustees, conservators, conservatees or interested family members in conservatorship proceedings in the probate court system. We have assisted parents, siblings and professionals obtain conservatorships for adults in need of such assistance or defend against actions for conservatorship.